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Windows XP Expirations

Windows XP Expirations

Windows XP's Upcoming Expiration – What should you do?

If you are still running Windows XP I'm sure it's because, like me, you're not fond of change. It has however been 12 years now since the inception of Windows XP, so we have had some time to warm up to a new look and feel in which to host our daily productivity. Microsoft is ending windows XP, their most successful operating systems to date, on April 8, 2014. In all fairness, Microsoft announced the retirement of the XP operating system in June of 2008, so it shouldn’t be something that snuck up on any of us. If you are one of over 29% of small businesses that still run Windows XP, you should consider an upgrade plan for your environment.

Windows XP Expiration

What are the risks of not upgrading?

This means that if you continue to run the Windows XP operating system beyond its End of Life , you will most certainly be at a higher risk for viruses, malware, trojans and all that fun stuff that everyone tries so hard to avoid. The reason for this is that Microsoft will no longer research and repair security holes that are known to be susceptible to infection.

What can you do to avoid the risks?

The best way to avoid the unnecessary risks of running an expired operating system is to reach out to a local IT Consulting provider for an upgrade plan for your businesses desktops. Be sure to get an idea of the time frame, resources and cost involved prior to engaging with an upgrade project. We at Superior Solutions have been approached by a number of clients looking to get their environments upgraded prior to the expiration. Feel free to contact us for any Windows XP Expiration questions or concerns.

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