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Google Fiber Selects Superior Solutions as Tech Partner for Atlanta!

Google Fiber Selects Superior Solutions as Tech Partner for Atlanta!

Superior Solutions is proud to announce that we have been selected as a Google Fiber Tech partner. Google Fiber's decision to bring fiber optics to Atlanta businesses marks a milestone event to bring unprecedented connection speeds using an incredibly aggressive pricing model that few businesses will be able to pass up!


Superior Solutions, A Managed IT Service Provider for Atlanta since 2000, is proud to participate in such an evolutionary offering for Atlanta businesses. Our goal is to ensure that all local businesses are able to fully leverage the extent of Google Fiber's super-fast connection speeds by ensuring their network equipment is fully optimized. 

"Assisting google fiber's rollout in Atlanta further enhances our ability to help local businesses improve their use of technology resources to accomplish their business initiatives" 

Aldan Berrie, Technology Director

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What is a Google Fiber Tech Partner exactly? Google Fiber describes them accordingly, "Our Google Fiber Tech Partners are IT professionals whom we select for their expertise in small businesses. Tech Partners receive exclusive training in Fiber products and services and can help small businesses make the most of their super-fast Internet connection"

When will this rollout take place? It's taking place right now. Superior Solutions is actively signing up local businesses for Google Fibers super-fast internet services starting today, Wednesday 8.10.16 so be sure to signup using the "Signup for Google Fiber Now" button above. 

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